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BALLADMEN- "Sooner Or Later" 7" EP

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BALLADMEN- "Sooner Or Later" 7" EP

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Amazing pop/rock from Japan! Import from Debauch Mood! 2nd EP of BALLADMEN consisting of the members of BLOTTO and THE BECAUSE!


Amazing pop/rock from Japan! Import from Debauch Mood!

"SPLIT of THE BECAUSE / BLOTTO to have been released 2nd EP of BALLADMEN consisting of the members of BLOTTO and THE BECAUSE! If you think was cool about both die PUNK of EASTBAY flavor ... SAD was it many years ago and MELODIC is. However, it is the thing which surprised over what has become such a feeling crust listening to the 1st was released the other day, even while both the band broke up before I knew it ... disappointed. Hid part aggressive, such as it was two bands: once the sound and smell of liquor and tremendous margin. People who know the album and the sensitivity of the image and say band, of feeling like a cover of "YOU'VE REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME" of ROBINSON & THE MIRACLES that was in the album Last of BECAUSE. Vocal It then is BECAUSE. One piece that I think strongly Oh, and I wish an adult feel good no Kaori is not a Western or rather what the atmosphere similar to TIFFS. It is the one piece of extremely unbearable. Format: 7 inches will not match really to have Nde. It's too nice of DON COVAY of the last also "MERCY MERCY" cover. [7inch] ※ info from below. ○ BALLADMEN SHU: Vo / Gu / Harmonica / Piano AKIRA: Dr. / Cho / Percussions MURA: Gu / Cho OGI: Ba / Cho Kyoto, Mie, Yokohama, Tokyo resident. I think that the prominence hilt R & B 50,60's and SOUL etc., grew up punk rocker foursome genuine Ikansen. 2nd EP 4 songs of "BALLADMEN"!! from Moody number incorporating the piano, of DON COVAY "MERCY MERCY" cover up, the variation ambitious, even while modern digest ROOTS stylishly thoroughly than anything else, where deep astringent BLUESY GREAT PUNK R & R 7 to let you feel the ambition WILDEST or "! Ketteiban of tears pushed to the front "painful side in tight bad most of the rock 'n' roll" exactly! as side to release, as one fan , please let me say that it is large must listen exactly in conjunction with 1st EP!! 's history and lineage.. (songs that like it in the sense BO DIDDLEY, PRETTY THINGS, ROLLING STONES, THE CLASH, such as was the case not a thing)"


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