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RAZORCAKE- #71: Night Birds, Bombom, Punknews Buyout+ ZINE

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RAZORCAKE- #71: Night Birds, Bombom, Punknews Buyout+ ZINE

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RAZORCAKE- #71: Night Birds, Bombom, Punknews Buyout+ ZINE


Night Birds: Interview by Todd Taylor and Matt Average. Full report from the Acoustic Front as reality TV stars surf the New Jersey turnpike and end up on the set of RepoMan. Tales of toxic waste, horror movies, and keeping a clean van.
(website, facebook)

Bombόn: Interview by Adrian Tenney and Ever Velasquez. Pedro locals carry their own equipment and do research on solar cells. Bombόn aint afraid to cover Tchaikovsky and make butt jokes in matching outfits.

Kid Congo Powers: Interview by Ryan Leach. Kid wanders through the Psychedelic Jungle and finds himself back at The Gun Club chewing on The Bad Seeds. Kid comes back down to earth to tell us tales about his childhood in La Puente.

Punknews Buyout: Articles by Todd Taylor, Dan Ozzi, Sean Carswell, and Kevin Dunn. Four distinct perspectives on the implications of the Buzzmedia buyout of Punknews. Cartoons, infographics, and solid research make for a titillating read.

Sean Carswell is taking a dump and contemplating the glue.

Jim Ruland goes for a walk in the woods and finds some Nazis. (blog,twitter)

Liz Prince is out to sea. (website, twitter)

Shanty Cheryl shows us some buried treasure. (flickr)

Mitch Clem is drunk on guilty pleasures. (blog, twitter)

Designated Dale talks linguistics with Chuck Berry.

Rev. Nørb takes us through time and through his closet.

Gary Hornberger is still popping his collar and following the rules.

Rhythm Chicken is drumming up the soup and doing dinner theatre. (facebook)

Ben Snakepit hates being a dad. (blog, facebook, twitter)

Kiyoshi Nakazawa throws his pearls before the swine. (website, facebook)

Dan Monick is hanging on the phone.

Adrian Chi is kicking trashcans with Bruce Springsteen and Rene Navarro. (facebook)

Art Fuentes has a lotta nerve. (facebook)

Nardwuar The Human Serviette talks shop with E-40. (website, twitter)

Rachel Murray Framingheddu gets above the Neighborhood Brats.

And 149 record reviews, 22 zine reviews, and 7 book reviews.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Mark C. Shaw. Miss you, buddy.

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