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  1. PEDRO THE LION- "Phoenix" 2XLP (Seafoam w/Etched)

    PEDRO THE LION- "Phoenix" 2XLP (Seafoam w/Etched)


    Pedro the Lion has always been David Bazan, but it took a long time to get back there. In August 2016, during what he now recognizes as his lowest point, Bazan was touring the country alone in an aging minivan and found himself in his hometown of Phoenix, AZ. In need of a break from the road, he spent a night off at his grandparents’ house instead of driving on to San Diego. Before leaving town the next morning, after realizing that even the most familiar places can become unrecognizable, Bazan gave himself the gift of a quick detour past the house he grew up in, and on the way, experienced a breakthrough - one that would lead him both forward and back to another home he had built many years before. From the beginning, Pedro the Lion didn’t work like the bands Bazan had played drums in, where each player came up with their own parts. Instead, like scripting scenes of dialogue for actors to play with, Bazan recorded and arranged all of the skeletal accompaniments for his obsessively introspective lyrics and spare melodies. Each player would then learn their parts and, together as a band, they brought the skeleton to life. While bandmates played on a few recordings, Bazan often played all or most of the instruments himself. “I found so much joy working this way,” Bazan remembers. “It came naturally and yielded a feeling and a sound that couldn’t have existed by any other process. At the same time, I was also aware that not everyone wanted to play in a band where the singer wrote all the parts and might perform them on the record. Someone even suggested it might not be a valid approach to having a band in the first place. Being insecure and wanting to find camaraderie, I became conflicted about my natural process.” By 2002, after recording Control, the high rate of turnover in the band finally caused Bazan to ditch his “natural process” in favor of a collaborative writing process. When, after a couple more years, this move did nothing to stabilize turnover, Bazan was perplexed. In November 2005, Bazan decided to stop doing Pedro the Lion altogether. Ironically, Bazan didn’t see “going solo” as a chance to revert back to his original process of writing and playing all the parts. For the next decade Pedro the Lion felt off limits, even forgotten, like a childhood home Bazan had moved out of. He pushed forward with releasing solo albums & relentless touring in living rooms and clubs, through every part of the US and beyond, sometimes with a band, but mostly on his own. It took a toll on his family and more acutely on himself. By the summer of 2016, he still hadn’t found the personal clarity or the steady collaboration he’d been seeking and was at the end of his rope. “I had abandoned my natural way of working in the hopes of creating space for a consistent band to write with...and it hadn’t worked. So I got a rehearsal space, mic’d up drums, bass, and guitar, and really leaned into my original process again. It immediately felt like like home. Before long I realized it also felt like Pedro the Lion.” In June 2018, with Bazan on bass, vocals, and arrangement writing, Erik Walters on guitar and backing vocals, and Sean Lane on drums, Pedro the Lion went into Studio X and Hall of Justice with producer Andy Park to create Phoenix, the first new Pedro album in 15 years. The songs themselves are the result of mining your past for who you are now. On opening track “Yellow Bike,” Bazan encapsulates a core ache he’s been exploring since 1998’s It’s Hard to Find a Friend with the line: My kingdom For someone to ride with Phoenix also deals with having to be better to yourself in order to be better to others on “Quietest Friend,” and harkens back to Control’s “Priests and Paramedics” with a story about EMTs facing a gruesome scene, and storytelling as coping mechanism, on “Black Canyon.” It bears witness to both what was around and what was inside, with the signature kindness and forgiveness that lightens Pedro the Lion’s darkest notes. The result is a twisting, darkly hopeful introspection into home and what it means to go back, if you ever can. It is rock and roll wrapped in tissue paper, its hard edges made barely soft. Every melody is careful, a delicate upswing buoyed by guitar lines that hold each tender feeling together like string before ripping them apart to see what’s inside. It is an ode to the place he still loves despite how alien it can appear to him now. It is the story of a life from the beginning, but not a linear one. This life is a circle, and Phoenix goes back to that first point, to show that when we are looking for home we’ll eventually run into it again, whether it’s in the desert, in a rehearsal space, or on a stage. ON SEAFOAM COLOR 2XLP, with E-TCHED D-Side in Gatefold Jacket! Learn More
  2. LIQUIDS- "Hot Liqs Revenge" LP

    LIQUIDS- "Hot Liqs Revenge" LP


    Generally speaking, the punk rock ethos is one slightly muddled by its own paradoxical philosophy; the idea that, as an accessible do-it-yourself three-chord act, you’re expected to exercise the genre’s “devil-may-give-no-fuck” attitude in order to create confrontational bouts of raw, intimate music that barks in the face of your oppressors -- internal, external, or otherwise --, and celebrate everything that makes punk so intrinsically cathartic and empowering. But of course, all of this means jack-shit when nobody can make out what the fuck you’re saying. That’s why a band like Liquids -- brainchild of Indiana’s Mat Williams, best known for his time playing in The Coneheads, Dagger, The Fritz, Guinea Kid, Scabs, and Pukeoid -- is one whose worth as a garage-y, glam-like solo project is elevated so far beyond its immediate deluge of vibrant, squeal-prone hooks and brilliantly infectious rock ‘n’ roll melodies. Since the band’s debut in early 2015, Liquids has always been an honest, shamelessly human introspective projected through the lens of highly electrifying rock ‘n’ roll fits, beautifully melding garage, pop, blues, and even hardcore sensibilities into a perfectly condensed lo-fi punk rock chassis. It is music so unabashedly pained and discontented, with lyricism veiled in a venomous sheet of nihilism and destructive impulses craving immediate discharge, that it only serves to magnify the songs’ uncontainable amounts of upbeat, yet bittered passion. As intense as it is intelligent, Mat’s continual usage of the Liquids handle has culminated in a discography chock-full of songs guaranteed to be underground hits once we’re all dead and gone. “Hot Liqs’ Revenge” is no different, compiling an assortment of pre-existing recordings onto one convenient wheel ‘o’ wax, exemplifying the eclectic, savant-tier songwriting coming out from one of the most rightfully-revered D.I.Y. musicians of the Midwest. Long live Liquids. Learn More
  3. CHILTON- "Little Birds" LP

    CHILTON- "Little Birds" LP


    CHILTON is coming straight from the heart center, stripped down high energy, combining the elements of rock, surf, punk, our higher selves and a touch of math where it makes sense. With the agenda to question all levels of information in order to be your own best authority, the music is our medium! CHILTON is a new band out of Brooklyn, NY started by Josh Carothers of cult thrash bands (IFARM / EARWORMS). When Earworms disbanded in 2017, Josh made a call to good buddy BILL Stevenson of the pioneer punk bands (BLACK FLAG / DESCENDENTS / ALL) and asked if he would join in on making some music as one of the guitarists, not the drummer. Bill said yes and the energy was in motion! After writing 15 demo tracks, then whittling them down to 8, Josh reached out to Neil Halpin (Earworms/The Shemps, Last Throes) and asked if he'd be into moving forward with this new project: a bit more 4 on the floor skate rock. Neil jumped in. Josh met Devin Hoff and knew he could get the rad out. Devin was able to record half the album with us before he was summoned to work out of town. Neil picked up the bass and finished what was left. Josh flew out to Colorado at the end of 2017 to record basic tracks with co-owner of the Blasting Room, Jason Livermore, and show Bill the songs. A year later, Josh flew back to Colorado to mix with Jason. Pressing info: 220 on Black vinyl. LP comes w/ download code. Release date: 7/5/2019. Learn More
  4. CAVE IN- "Anchor" 7"

    CAVE IN- "Anchor" 7"


    Limited quantity available - Limited edition single from Boston legends by-way-of-Hydra Head Records band Cave In. Songs taken from their RCA debut "Antenna". (1st order gets Blue vinyl!) Learn More


    Regular Price: $5.00

    Special Price $2.00

    2 Rough and melodic pop-punk bands team up to tear ass on this piece of 7" vinyl. Warm Needles hail from Long Island, NY and Costanza from Chicago, IL. A fine split by Tour Van Records. First order gets color!* Learn More
  6. WHATEVER BRAINS- "Saddle Up" 7"

    WHATEVER BRAINS- "Saddle Up" 7"

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    Special Price $1.00

    Weirder, manic-er garage pop. Bull City! Learn More
  7. WARSONG- "Control" LP

    WARSONG- "Control" LP


    After leaving their mark on three continents, Zaragoza, Spain’s WARSONG are traversing previously uncharted territory with their first release sung entirely in Spanish. I’d be hard pressed to find a current comparison because WARSONG has few musical contemporaries- they are truly carving out their own path. I hear the convergence of diverse elements such as THE ONLY ONES, early NEW ORDER, the WIPERS, SONIC YOUTH, and THE RAMONES blended up and spewed out against the neoliberal end times.

    Learn More



    Hyper fast and crazy punk anthems from New Mexico's Stabbed in back, featuring Timmy V of Lillingtons fame on drums. Payoff plays LA infused punk, sick male/female vocals that will have you singing along. Features members of The Bombpops. 250 on white vinyl, 250 on black vinyl. Learn More
  9. SHARK PANTS- "Automatic Pinner" 7" EP

    SHARK PANTS- "Automatic Pinner" 7" EP


    Criminally underrated punk rock powerhouse from Tucson, AZ featuring members of The Black, Swing Ding Amigos, and Lenguas Largas. Learn More
  10. SUNDOWNERS- "The Larger Half Of Wisdom" LP

    SUNDOWNERS- "The Larger Half Of Wisdom" LP


    Sundowners (not to be confused with Sundowner) is a DIY punk band from Minneapolis that's been around since 2006. Urgent and complicated melodic punk that will get stuck in your head for days. FFO: Frozen Teens, Future Virgins, Toys that Kill, etc. Learn More

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