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  1. BAD BRAINS- "Live" LP

    BAD BRAINS- "Live" LP


    "This band should have 12 live albums out by now. The greatest live rock & roll band of all time has made but one studio LP that reflected this ungodly ferociousness, and that was cassette-only. Frankly, if you don't have that tape -- the self-titled ROIR tape, still the biggest seller in ROIR history -- don't think, buy, and be blown away. This is the second record that will astonish even their oldest of fans. Strangely, this documents the 1987 I Against I Bad Brains (doesn't say where it was recorded, but it sounds like the Ritz), when they were at their nadir as a live band. The 1979-1983 Bad Brains were so vastly superior it's too bad, but Live is still such a sonic wonder, an aural pasting that could turn even Nobel scientists into stammering ninnies, that it's not to be missed. Clearly one of the hot live albums of all time, it manages this with a bass mixed so low as to be faint, and a guitarist (the great Dr. Know) who'd monkeyed around with his sound so much he'd completely lost the wicked edge he was known for. With all these faults, Live is such a stunner because the basic inimitable qualities are still here: the unbelievable overload attack, the crashing power riffs, the stop-start precision marveled at by every casual listener who ever came across them, the explosive surges, the awesome musicians, the breathtaking exhilaration rush, and most of all, the irreplaceable singer H.R. In a sub-rock culture that's justifiably made a demigod out of H.R. fan Iggy Pop, not even Pop himself at his Stooges prime was a match for the complete madness of H.R. The shocking wild abandon, the belly of the beast ascending, the manic whirl of syllables whooshing by, the animal screams, shouts, and alternate hums of this frenzied larynx (not even Pop and Little Richard could go from a full-throated scream to a quiet, calm tone so fast) deal body blows. Really, it's impossible to describe the fury, the might, the indestructible force of the Bad Brains, without hearing. It's not a matter of subjective taste; even those who don't like this will concede they've never heard anything like it before, nor are they likely to again. This BB lineup was a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. Even the bandmembers themselves know this, as they tried to reunite the quartet in April 1989 without success. You just gotta hear these versions of "At the Movies" and "I," so burning it's dizzying, so alive you can almost see H.R.'s feet hit at the end of the back-flip he always did to end the song (a perfectly timed sight that dazzled every audience). Never mind that much of side two features lesser later tracks; when you blast off, you won't care for how long. This must be what it's like to be on speed. Ignore the super Rock for Light and almost commercial I Against I, good as they are. Go straight for that ROIR cassette and this. And watch out for flies and swirling debris while your mouth is hanging open for a half hour."-Big Takeover. SST RECORDS. Learn More
  2. GLOBS, THE- "The Weird and Wonderful World Of" LP

    GLOBS, THE- "The Weird and Wonderful World Of" LP


    The Globs- The Weird and Wonderful World of The Globs LP! According to Oxford, a glob is “a lump of a semiliquid substance.” The word is a fusion of blob and gob, a “lump of slime.” According to Sacramento, a glob is one of one of six Globs, a spirited punk rock & roll band that references the cult pop of The Bananas and the theatric roots rock that is Bruce Springsteen. The Globs sprang from the mind of Mike R. Mike – also the mouth behind The Bananas. Mike wanted a “punk E Street Band,” so he went about drawing from Sacramento’s always incestuous music scene. First, he tapped Charles Albright, man of many bands (RAD, Charles Albright Band, etc.), and Christine Shelley, she also of many bands (Knock Knock, Pizzas, etc.). Christine got her dad, Nick Shelley, to play piano and sax. The Globs grew to include Craig (RAD, Sick Burn) and Jessica (Danger, Inc.). They played around a bunch, tightening up their blobs and gobs, and finally produced an album. Three years in the making, The Weird and Wonderful World of The Globs is twelve tight songs of infectious rock & roll – a punk edge, pop sensibilities, and that swooning feeling that makes you want to singalong. Like the best of today’s rock & roll, the Globs have many reference points – intentional or not – The Raspberries, X, Beach Boys, Rezillos, Polyphonic Spree, and so… Push a movie like the Breakfast Club into the 21st Century and The Globs are your Simple Minds, albeit a bit more knockabout and that’s all for the better. The Weird and Wonderful World of The Globs was recorded in Sacramento, California by Ted Angle and Pat Hills, and mastered by Pat Haight. The album is a co-production of Sacramento Records, Recess records and Dead Broke Rekerds. Limited to 500 copies. (Bundle deal: for an extra few bucks, add the Globs- "Do You Feel Weird?" Tape) Learn More



    Very well executed Hardcore from a crop of younger Texas folk foaming at the mouth from their YDI and Koro records. Lumpy Recs Learn More
  4. BABY'S BLOOD- S/T 7" EP



    Finland is really trying to cram this whole “most stable country on Earth” notion down the rest of our goddamn throats. Baby’s Blood, through sheer force and ugliness, aims to lower Finland’s standing with a cache of speed-addled wreckers --- 4 hate-centric odes that target the lynchpins of modern existence: fashion, sex, law, punk, life itself. This most pungent of fruits comes courtesy of Drew Owen (SICK THOUGHTS) and some of his Finnish compatriots, collecting only the most depraved musings from their temporary terror program. That’s right: combustible and completely shattered punk, shootin’ from the hip, dead on arrival. OK, Finland --- EPPU NORMAALI, snow, cabbage rolls, HURRIGANES, we get it already! Wash that all bullshit from your mouth with a gulp of Baby’s Blood. Recommended if you hate absolutely everything! - Mitch Cardwell Learn More
  5. VACATION- "Mouth Sounds #2699" LP

    VACATION- "Mouth Sounds #2699" LP


    "Cincinnati, Ohio's Vacation formed in 2009 as a trio, quickly putting out a slew of tapes, singles, and LPs on various DIY labels, while spreading their infectious pop-inspired punk through shows around their native Midwest and tours throughout the rest of the country. Since then, the group has expanded into a four-piece rock outfit and continued relentless touring, with appearances on bigger stages -- opening for The Breeders, Screaming Females, The Black Lips, etc; while maintaining impressive fecundity at home in the studio. The band released a two-part record in 2016 -- a miscellaneous collection of basement punk ephemera titled Southern Grass: The Continuation of Rock n' Roll. By the time of it's release on Recess Records in July, the group had already snuck into the studio to produce another piece, titled Mouth Sounds #2699. Engineered by John Curley from The Afghan Whigs at the Ultrasuede Studio in Cincinnati (RIP), the record finds the band at it's most titanic -- with cranked guitars and billowing snare hits as the only constant in an otherwise heterogenous record in terms of songwriting. The band experiments with some territory previously untouched, with tracks like "Action Road" and "Epileptic Soul" displaying the groups rootsy Petty-esque leanings, and the psychedelic and motorik "Born on a Base" showing the band drawing influence from the likes of Neu/La Dusseldorf. It's a record not short of attitude however -- with blazing tracks like "Broken or Breaking", "Salmonella Candles", and "Taking Out the Trash" offering the groups typical tongue-in-cheek lyrics over catchy punk tunes. As a whole, the record sounds like a group ready for the stadium, if they can only avoid the Miller Lite long enough to get there."- Punk Rock Theory (Download Included) Learn More
  6. FASHIONISM- "Smash Singles" LP

    FASHIONISM- "Smash Singles" LP


    **Comprising the 4 long sold out 7"s that came out on Dirt Cult, Hosehead, Neon Taste and Zaxxon Record, to coincide with their upcoming European tour** Subculture is dead. The kids, they don’t care any more about your niche interests. Punk, glam, bubblegum, mod, soul, rock’n’roll, it’s all the same. The battle lines are down and everything’s up for grabs. Didn’t you hear? Pop ate itself. Luckily Vancouver’s Fashionism know all about that. They may sing mournfully of a time when “nobody used words like vintage or retro”, but despite all this 'end of an era' stuff they’re also smart enough to know that the only time that ever matters is here and now. So yeah, this is a finger food buffet of all your old favourites (the Rezillos, The Boys, the bits of The Jam that don’t make you think of how Weller turned out and do a little sick in your mouth) but they only deal in their own prime cuts, as this timely singles collection demonstrates. Stop, Drop, Rock ‘N’ Roll is a lost new wave/powerpop classic, like the getaway music The Jags would make after drunkenly trying to ramraid a bank but hitting a library by mistake. One Shot feels like the hit of adrenaline that only kicks in when you hear a truly perfect chord change or feel the cord snap during a bungee jump. Then there’s Smash The State (With Your Face), a self-explanatorily titled slice of paradise that deploys some serious boogie. They’re all winners. Should you expect any less from members of Vancouver heroes like The Tranzmitors and The Jolts (among others)? Probably not. So fuck your expectations, fuck your subculture, fuck your niche. This is music to drink meths to at the top of a rollercoaster, and it’s the soundtrack to the summer we all deserve. Like it even matters that it’s spring. 200 on Black vinyl. [UK import from Drunken Sailor] Learn More
  7. RAINBOW PERSON- "Trade.Labour.Vocation" 7" EP

    RAINBOW PERSON- "Trade.Labour.Vocation" 7" EP


    (Margin Mouth / Television / Sad Bastard)
    Elegantly letter-pressed covers and chaotic, harsh music. No melodies, no hooks, no pleases, no thank yous. Unforgiving, destructive hate. Learn More
  8. POTTY MOUTH- "Sun Damage" LP

    POTTY MOUTH- "Sun Damage" LP


    Debut EP from Hailing from Northampton, Massachusetts' Potty Mouth. Sun Damage contains six songs of play taut, infectious, C-86 influenced indie pop with shades of post punk meets punk perfection. Anyone who grew up collecting K records singles or Kill Rock Stars compilations will covet this record. Learn More
  9. MUSEUM MOUTH- "Alex I Am Nothing" LP

    MUSEUM MOUTH- "Alex I Am Nothing" LP


    MUSEUM MOUTH is an indie/pop/punk band from the Wilmington, NC area. Museum Mouth self-released the 2010 full-length debut, "Tears In My Beer," and 2012's full-length, "Sexy But Not Happy." RIYL: The Thermals, Lemuria, Cloud Nothings This 2014 release marks their debut into vinyl territory and a sheen of maturity in the new songs. COLORED VINYL! Learn More


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    Mouthbreather was formed from the ashes of Richmond groups WOW, OWLS! and THE SETUP. Learn More

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