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  1. BEACH SLANG- "The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us" CD

    BEACH SLANG- "The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us" CD

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    Over the past two years Beach Slang have proved themselves as a band who can write memorable songs, share that energy live and create a community of like-minded fans but they've always been missing one important element: An album. Luckily the band's full-length is the culmination of their collective career and picks up where their two critically acclaimed 7-inches left off. CD. Learn More
  2. QUEERS, THE- "Pleasant Screams" CD

    QUEERS, THE- "Pleasant Screams" CD


    Rad Girlfriend Records re-issue on CD of the eighth studio album, and 6th release on Lookout! Before the band recinded their masters, and arguably one of their best, from The Queers. Includes five tracks from the "Today" EP. Pleasant Screams is a non-stop punk and pop-punk affair, produced by Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana, and featuring the usual gang of contributors and guest stars. The lyrics are frank and insightful, and the music is the patented Queers blend of buzz-saw Ramones-fueled guitar punk and Joe King's trademark whine. Pleasant Screams features guest vocals from Gretchen of the Smears on the track "You Just Gotta Blow My Mind." Another song, "I Wanna Be Happy," was written by Joe King and Ben Weasel around an unfinished Joey Ramone demo, and drum and second guitar duties are handled by Matt Drastic (TEEN IDOLS) and Dan Vapid (MOPES, SCREECHING WEASEL) respectively. THE QUEERS are one of the few bands that effectively blend classic rock'n'roll elements - think doo-wop, Phil Spector, THE BEACH BOYS - with punk rock's energy, power and attitude. They deserve your ears, eyes and hearts! Learn More
  3. BEAT BUTTONS,THE- "Self Titled" CD

    BEAT BUTTONS,THE- "Self Titled" CD

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    Ex-members of Argentina and Slang come together like Voltron to form Gainesville, FL's Beat Buttons. The bass and drums drive hard to keep you dancing, while the guitar and vocals mimic each other with melodies that will hold you long after the cd is over. Learn More

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