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  1. HITTER- "6 Song" Mini-LP

    HITTER- "6 Song" Mini-LP


    The debut release from Chicago hard rock heathens HITTER features 6 tracks, all filled with an overdose of pounding energy and excitement that'll leave you reaching for the Xanax once the needle finally slides into the dead wax. Recorded live in one 10 hour session to an 8-track Tascam cassette recorder by Taylor Hales (Electrical Audio), this mini-LP is a perfect introduction to the band with the best chance of bringing back the era of the Heavy Metal Parking Lot. HITTER formed in the year of our Lemmy 2018 by four battle-scarred musicians of the Chicago DIY music scene. Under the influence of heavy metal, tequila, leather and ABBA, Hanna Hazard (vocals), Adam Luksetich (guitar), Ryan Wizniak (drums) and Madalyn Garcia (bass) have created their own unique brand of hard rock ’n’ roll. HITTER hopes to showcase it’s love for hook filled sing-along choruses, perfected by big haired arena rockers, and also the fast and loose riffs and screams of the punks and weirdos who dwell in mildewy basements. Soon after forming, HITTER self-released it’s debut demo cassette and was playing shows locally with acts like A Giant Dog, Meat Puppets, Oozing Wound and Eyehategod, all while touring circles around the midwest. In the coming months, HITTER will enter Electrical Audio studios to record it’s debut long playing record with hopes of receiving global recognition, instant superstardom and millions of dollars. One things for sure, HITTER will always be barricading the exits, plugging in permanently and cranking all knobs to the right. “Friday night party tunes with a heavy hitting, fun sexual energy to it.” -Sarah Kitteringham of BangerTV “‘Born To Rock’ had the most jammin’ groove to it. Almost expected Angus Young to do some leads.” -Fenriz of Darkthrone. 1st press: Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl in a black dust sleeve. Full color jackets and insert w/ download code. Le'ts Pretend Recs Learn More
  2. CLOSET CHRIST- "You're In My World Now" 7"EP

    CLOSET CHRIST- "You're In My World Now" 7"EP


    Dirty Feral HC from DC informed by chaotic 80s HC greats like Void, Neos, and Sodom’s ADK omnibus tracks (!!!!!!!). An amazing six songs in Five minutes, all played by one chapped millennial (who went on to do the Hologram ep on LVEUM if you’re a members of type of wank). Definitely barking up the same tree as Nosferatu – young men trapped in the 21st century playing crazy hardcore that could as well be from the 80s. Lumpy Recs Learn More
  3. NATTERERS- "Head In Threatening Attitude" LP

    NATTERERS- "Head In Threatening Attitude" LP


    “HEAD IN THREATENING ATTITUDE” is the long awaited debut album by NATTERERS, who over the past couple of years following their demo/flexidisc and “Toxic Care” 7” have quickly imprinted themselves as one of the finest new bands on the UK hardcore punk scene. The album, recorded in France and mastered by the legendary Geza X (producer for DEAD KENNEDYS, GERMS, WEIRDOS, MDC, BLACK FLAG and more) are the first recordings to feature the new rhythm section, last seen in VOORHEES of ROB BEWICK (ex HDQ, LEATHERFACE) and DAVE ALLEN (THE HORROR, YOUNG CONSERVATIVES) who have taken the band up yet another notch when teamed up with Thomas’ angular and powerful guitar and Emma’s crushing vocals. 14 amazing tracks that imprint and see the NATTERERS sound develop, with influences from DEAD KENNEDYS, THE DAMNED, NIGHT BIRDS all present in the mix, but a sound that is distinctly NATTERERS. No nonsense Northern punk rock! UK IMPORT from Boss Tuneage! Learn More
  4. CLOWN SOUNDS- "Preacher Maker" LP

    CLOWN SOUNDS- "Preacher Maker" LP


    The Underground Railroad to Candyland ended one fateful night in San Diego after a vicious food fight (this really happened). Band leader, Todd Congelliere (F.Y.P, Toys That Kill), knew it was time for a change by the time the second taquito hit drummer, Jimmy Felix. What started as an effort to let the past be the past and to play some of Todd C’s solo songs live was rerouted to their own Clown Sound studio in San Pedro, CA. The sessions were revitalizing. Fresh off of being accidentally recruited, guitarist Jacob Galaxy fondly recalls, “I’ve had the time of my life — and I’ve never felt this way before.” Guitar tracking for Isaac Thotz, Todd C. and Jacob was bizarrely committed to 388 tape simultaneously live. The usually dubious rhythm section, Jimmy Felix, Chachi Ferrara and Trevor Rounesville unanimously exclaim, “Call me a relic, call me what you will. Say I’m old-fashioned, say I’m over the hill, today’s music ain’t got the same soul!!” When asked what makes this any different than the music that’s coming out currently. You might be young and agree. You might be old and disagree. In any case, Clown Sounds are not food wasters. Learn More
  5. BIG NOTHING- "Chris" CD

    BIG NOTHING- "Chris" CD


    "The four-piece Philadelphia band Big Nothing, released their self-titled album through Asian Man Records in 2017. In continuation, the east coast indie-punks have now released their sophomore album, 'Chris'. 'Chris' is unique in that each song has a different band member leading the vocals, and the record is composed of similar elements to mainstream indie bands like Superchunk and The Replacements." Featuring members of Spraynard (Pat), Casual (Liz), Crybaby (Matt) & Young Livers (Chris). One of our fave records of the year here at DBHQ. (Digi-pack CD on Dead Broke) Limited edition of 150 copies. (LP available from Salinas Records) Cassette tape version coming soon too. Learn More
  6. BIG NOTHING- "Chris" LP

    BIG NOTHING- "Chris" LP


    "The four-piece Philadelphia band Big Nothing, released their self-titled album through Asian Man Records in 2017. In continuation, the east coast indie-punks have now released their sophomore album, 'Chris' through Salinas Records. 'Chris' is unique in that each song has a different band member leading the vocals, and the record is composed of similar elements to mainstream indie bands like Superchunk and The Replacements." Featuring members of Spraynard (Pat), Casual (Liz), Crybaby (Matt) & Young Livers (Chris). One of our fave records of the year here at Dead Broke. Get it. Learn More
  7. MIDDLE CHILDREN- "Earth Angel" LP

    MIDDLE CHILDREN- "Earth Angel" LP


    .Debut albums can sound like a group lucked into a sound they’ll never recapture, or in the case of Middle Children’s “Earth Angel,” a refined result of shared background and years spent putting in the work. It’s fresh, but arrives loaded with distilled style and dues paid. For the cult fans who have followed these musicians’ work, we only crossed our fingers that we’d get an album like this someday. The auteur of Middle Children is Patrick Jennings, who writes, arranges, and records the band from his home in Bloomington, IN. His music became known to most initially through his band Hot New Mexicans, and later Purple 7. Jennings left Purple 7, a multi-songwriter group, to play music with childhood friend, Ginger Alford, formerly of the band Good Luck. The team enlisted a handful of musicians to make “Earth Angel,” include Kyle Houpt, Christopher Butcher, and Matt Tobey. Jennings and Alford bring a history of playing together in bands from their Mississippi Delta hometown, as well as hosting shows for touring bands from said unlikely outpost in the south. Rather than an expected storybook fleeing to New York or LA, Jennings spent most of his young adulthood in Athens, GA. Here he seemed to absorb parts of the eclectic pop of the Elephant 6 sound and its focus on homegrown yet high-quality recording and production. He was a multi-instrumentalist in the band Nana Grizol and spent some time in the touring band of Julian Koster’s The Music Tapes. “Earth Angel” remains sparse and economical, despite additions of multiple guitars, piano, synth, or upright bass. Jennings’s voice is given plenty of space, allowing the listener to catch the many nuances in his delivery, how each syllable seems to emote, quickly shifting from vulnerable to confident, a whisper to a shout. He brings intensity to otherwise melody-driven songs, catching you off guard sometimes with a line like “shit gets real faster than your ass / goddam laugh while it lasts.” Such seeming non-sequiturs pop out among words that often look inward. In the lyrics you’ll find loneliness yet love for others, some self-defeat yet tenacity in the face of insignificance. “The sky can only spit on you / you speck.” An image of Jennings as the songwriter emerges – a hermit of sorts whose focus and dedication brings others warmly into the fold. Together they bring these songs to life, lest Jennings forever be “echoing in [his] shell”. Learn More
  8. DAWN- "There Is No Reason Why" 10" EP

    DAWN- "There Is No Reason Why" 10" EP


    DEBAUCH MOOD 12th release, formed in Aomori ~ POWER / MELODIOUS / DRIVING to perform in Tokyo Righteousness STRAIGHT Japanese ALTERNATIVE PUNK TRIO "DAWN-THERE IS NO REASON WHY (10") In 2013, S / T (CD), released independently, expanded its unique perspective-presenting the band's individuality with a striking sense of tune. "DAWN" which made the growth of the core movement more impressive by its own progress in 12 "split (w / SHIPYARDS) released in 2015. This work lightly coats the past and deepens it deep, just the band It has become an intense work (4 songs in all) appropriate for calling it a "masterpiece" for them. Each of the four songs  , now striking the limits of the "Growth" evidence, is as intensely concentrated as a kind of zone, full of sight, full of stomach, and very dull as an inevitable recording. " FLOWER" -" Underworld" ascends in thrilling manners with strong build-up ability, but with strong build-up ability, and pushes up to the ever-lasting style from the unique (very familiar) ACID / SPACE development "I am scolded at the chest. And, until the "GROWING UP" of the cry where the cut of the unexpected guitar is essentially crazy, the heat quantity and the highness which the present band possess there also exudes to everything in this.  As contrasted with the wet and tenacious vocals, the point where each part is piled up at the explosion is strong and heavy, and the drive-boosting effect is impressively sticking to the ear. Despite the use of FUZZ, the guitar, with a sharp and comfortable feeling of attack everywhere, is embodied as a band's liver that emphasizes the vividness and outline in the "show place", and the bass line moves in a calm and dry atmosphere- Give the song a tough and mellow pulse. And the "expansion force" is derived by switching from the momentary force from the pitch caused by the vigorous and flexible drumming to the rapid change of bouncing.  It is a word that it is exhilarating that "Yabai guitar solo" which was born by the curse from J Moscis's all-in-life is further concentrated while being felt to be Bob Mould / Prisonshake / Soulside etc. as a skeleton Even lively, directing "showing" completely as "metamorphism" (you may be able to understand the roots of their interpretation if you look at the activities of J Mascis in various forms in recent times). He is raised to a more slick level by attachment and self-love.  Although the root is the style that will draw on an ALTERNATIVE methodology and squeeze straight into a rough style, it is not clear how little it is from UK-EURO Psych / Prog., But it has arrived at the end of a long search for "now" I can not but hold my fist.  And the Cadd, A Touch Of Hysteria (Dr. of LUSH) (such as Dr. of LUSH) has also been in the forefront of metaphysical developments in the band's music (These bands have been in the UK since the 90's. It is also important to recall some of the flow) even remember the part that is in common with the underlying, together with the result of aggressively advancing the senses such as PIXIES, THROWING MUSES, etc. may not be felt in the work now . Etc. Chigae a sense style, Seein ' "MORE OF THE SAME (7") "of red adequacy of even enough to even feels.   Answer and impact to the one style that arrived at the twists and turns is overflowing explosion Such a " 4tracks of tears" dedicated to young and old people with extreme attachment to "something" to be cut at perfection that can experience such "cut the record" effect strongly. Have fun by all means. With download code. JAPAN IMPORT! Learn More
  9. YOUNG LADIES- S/T 7" E.P.


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    Four new songs from Brooklyn's pop-punk super?group. Ex-members of Monikers, Discount, Latterman & more. Swingin' & melodic pop-punk with a classic old-school rock and roll vibe. Poppy and good as hell. Artwork by 'SUPERJAIL' creator Christy Karacas. (Comes with download) Limited press of 300 on Black vinyl! Learn More
  10. YOUNG, THE- s/t 7" E.P. - WHITE

    YOUNG, THE- s/t 7" E.P. - WHITE

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    One of their first 7inches ,The Young is one of Austin's best power pop/hardcore band. This is one of our favorite seven inches ever, an assault of garage power pop-punk rock. GET THIS SHIT NOW before its out of print. WHITE VINYL! Learn More

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