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  1. BLACK FLAG- "First Four Years" LP

    BLACK FLAG- "First Four Years" LP


    COMPILATION OF EARLY MATERIAL FROM HERMOSA BEACH'S BLACK FLAG . The First Four Years was originally released in 1983 and includes all of the band's recorded output before Henry Rollins took over as vocalist in 1981. The band appears to be razor focused as they plow through songs like "Nervous Breakdown" and "Fix Me" from the Nervous Breakdown 7". At the time they were fronted by Keith Morris who would go on to start Circle Jerks after leaving the band. The follow up, Jealous Again, features Ron Reyes (aka Chavo) on vocals, but he does not quite live up to the precedent set by Morris' crowd baiting bursts of anger and sarcasm. The compilation closes out with the Six Pack EP, with Dez Cadena replacing Reyes. Cadena's strained, hoarse vocals would often be imitated throughout the hardcore punk scene. The cover of "Louie Louie" is not to be missed. Sixteen tracks in all. Released by SST Records ‎on black vinyl housed in a full color sleeve. *Sold out from SST! One copy! Learn More
  2. CHAGRIN- "Ground Scores" LP

    CHAGRIN- "Ground Scores" LP


    Chagrin is from San Diego and their debut album embodies everything that the city represents. Beautiful and sad, the songs cut through and set themselves apart from a traditional punk rock record. Its catchy and melodic, mellow and melancholy. Take four exceptional musicians and songwriters who have spent their whole lives playing in punk rock bands, let them make a record that they want to make on their terms and "Ground Scores" is what you get. This record is the beach on a cloudy day with a red flag and under toe. It's El Cajon Blvd. at night. It's the Padres winning the pennant in '84 and '98... and losing the World Series both years. Featuring members of legendary San Diego bands such as TILTWHEEL, DAN PADILLA, MADISON BLOODBATH, SUNNYSIDE, SHALLOW CUTS & more. Rad Girlfriend Recs. Learn More
  3. JEFF ROSENSTOCK- "Post" LP (180g Blue)

    JEFF ROSENSTOCK- "Post" LP (180g Blue)


    Wait. What? Call your best friend. There's a new Jeff Rosenstock record. In certain circles, this is a pretty fucking sick way to start a new year. And for the rest of us, it's still quite a gift. Because there's this crazy, un-crushable thing about Jeff: He makes you want to believe in something again. Jeff Rosenstock wrote POST- in a double-wide trailer in the Catskill Mountain town of East Durham, the snow-covered hills surrounding him like a landscape of blank pages. The serene, empty space was a big change of scenery for a guy who bounces around the world like a human comet, playing super-catchy, super-devastating shout-alongs to dedicated fans around the world—in Iowa, in Australia, in Mexico, in Sweden. In Croatia, an elderly woman approached him after the show and nervously told him in broken English that she was a big fan. She brought him a beachy sculpture. It's hanging in his bathroom. He'll totally send you a picture of it. After playing with Bomb the Music Industry! for a decade, Jeff switched gears and produced records for The Smith Street Band, Dan Andriano, Mikey Erg and more, and started putting out records under his own name. After the release of WORRY., things started to get way more intense for Jeff and his band. They made their first TV appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly, USA Today called WORRY the #1 album of 2016, and the band took to the road, touring endlessly for the past two years, taking breaks only to record new music. "2017 kinda felt like the year when we snuck in the back door," says Rosenstock, "We kept getting opportunities to do stuff - even though we take those opportunities to do stupid shit like say how much we made on stage." (This is the guy whose Pitchfork Music Festival performance last summer trended on Twitter after he took the stage and exclaimed, “Seventy-five hundred! Dollars! For us! To play! This festival!” Because, you know, he felt like he had to come clean about it.) As if writing, recording, producing, and touring aren't enough, Jeff has also been tapped to compose all of the music for a brand new Cartoon Network program, Craig of the Creek, airing in 2018. Written in the days after the 2017 Presidential inauguration, POST-'s lyrics get (really) heavy but the melodies are so catchy and the builds are so big and bright that the end result is more of a rallying cry than a surrender. The album was recorded in a one-week, 86-hour marathon recording session with Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Deafheaven) at the Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, CA. "The four of us stood in a room without headphones on and just played the songs live to tape, and after that we had some friends (Dan Potthast, Laura Stevenson, Chris Farren, PUP) fill out some of the sound." So, if the record feels even more unifying than usual, like a party that turns into a sleepover that turns into egg-n-cheese sandwiches on the beach that turns into a protest march that unites a gang of buddies for eternity, well, maybe that's why." On 180gram BLUE VINYL! Learn More
  4. ERIN TOBEY- S/T LP (Purple)

    ERIN TOBEY- S/T LP (Purple)


    Last week Erin and I were in the front room of the Ark talking about the awkwardness of referencing someone else's band in your own songs. I tried to be encouraging - I mean, if we can salvage useful inspiration from the trickier pop of Superchunk's later records, then go for it. Come pick me up, indeed. It's like using the declaratory "O!" Typically such openings are reserved for antiquated poetry, replaced by the more modern and informal "Oh." But what a treacherous move - away from such forthright sentiment (and honest desires) into a puratory of irony and distance? Will we lose the power of fable and storytelling, the elemental calls of wood and water? O, tell me no. Sing me a cleaving song. Punk (and yes I'm daring to use the word here in a postive, reclamation way) demands such interplay. I like it when the shows are so small that you know most everyone in the room. And can guess that maybe even some of the songs are about the people in said room. It requires a different kind of courage than rock's macho posturing. Like the booklist at the end of Erin's lyric sheet - what will we do with all these books we read, all these records that we know and love? What can we give back? Can we add our own voices and how will they sound? Will they resonate the same? Here's proof - 3 Gainesville bands (Erin included) were playing in Sarasota at the liberal New College. At some all-day end-of-the-semester blowout. We got there too late for the free Thai food (we'd stopped by the beach instead). Then we got rained out from playing outside. As the typically uptight soundguy started yelling at everyone and trying to cover his precious soundboard, Erin set up in the women's bathroom and played her songs. O, the acoustics. The trembling voice and bravery. I got chills then, and listening to the songs now, the current remains. -Travis Magoo (Obscurist Press, America? zine) ON PURPLE VINYL! Learn More
  5. GLOBS, THE- "The Weird and Wonderful World Of" LP

    GLOBS, THE- "The Weird and Wonderful World Of" LP


    The Globs- The Weird and Wonderful World of The Globs LP! According to Oxford, a glob is “a lump of a semiliquid substance.” The word is a fusion of blob and gob, a “lump of slime.” According to Sacramento, a glob is one of one of six Globs, a spirited punk rock & roll band that references the cult pop of The Bananas and the theatric roots rock that is Bruce Springsteen. The Globs sprang from the mind of Mike R. Mike – also the mouth behind The Bananas. Mike wanted a “punk E Street Band,” so he went about drawing from Sacramento’s always incestuous music scene. First, he tapped Charles Albright, man of many bands (RAD, Charles Albright Band, etc.), and Christine Shelley, she also of many bands (Knock Knock, Pizzas, etc.). Christine got her dad, Nick Shelley, to play piano and sax. The Globs grew to include Craig (RAD, Sick Burn) and Jessica (Danger, Inc.). They played around a bunch, tightening up their blobs and gobs, and finally produced an album. Three years in the making, The Weird and Wonderful World of The Globs is twelve tight songs of infectious rock & roll – a punk edge, pop sensibilities, and that swooning feeling that makes you want to singalong. Like the best of today’s rock & roll, the Globs have many reference points – intentional or not – The Raspberries, X, Beach Boys, Rezillos, Polyphonic Spree, and so… Push a movie like the Breakfast Club into the 21st Century and The Globs are your Simple Minds, albeit a bit more knockabout and that’s all for the better. The Weird and Wonderful World of The Globs was recorded in Sacramento, California by Ted Angle and Pat Hills, and mastered by Pat Haight. The album is a co-production of Sacramento Records, Recess records and Dead Broke Rekerds. Limited to 500 copies. (Bundle deal: for an extra few bucks, add the Globs- "Do You Feel Weird?" Tape) Learn More
  6. QUEERS, THE- "Pleasant Screams" CD

    QUEERS, THE- "Pleasant Screams" CD


    Rad Girlfriend Records re-issue on CD of the eighth studio album, and 6th release on Lookout! Before the band recinded their masters, and arguably one of their best, from The Queers. Includes five tracks from the "Today" EP. Pleasant Screams is a non-stop punk and pop-punk affair, produced by Mass Giorgini at Sonic Iguana, and featuring the usual gang of contributors and guest stars. The lyrics are frank and insightful, and the music is the patented Queers blend of buzz-saw Ramones-fueled guitar punk and Joe King's trademark whine. Pleasant Screams features guest vocals from Gretchen of the Smears on the track "You Just Gotta Blow My Mind." Another song, "I Wanna Be Happy," was written by Joe King and Ben Weasel around an unfinished Joey Ramone demo, and drum and second guitar duties are handled by Matt Drastic (TEEN IDOLS) and Dan Vapid (MOPES, SCREECHING WEASEL) respectively. THE QUEERS are one of the few bands that effectively blend classic rock'n'roll elements - think doo-wop, Phil Spector, THE BEACH BOYS - with punk rock's energy, power and attitude. They deserve your ears, eyes and hearts! Learn More
  7. SUSPECT PARTS- "You Know I Can't Say No" 7"

    SUSPECT PARTS- "You Know I Can't Say No" 7"


    Suspect Parts is the brainchild of two Americans, one Brit and a German who managed to tame their inner demons with buzzsaw punk/powerpop, a cotton candy-meets-razorblade concoction that goes down surprisingly smooth. Ex and current members of bands like The Briefs, Clorox Girls, Maniac, More Kicks, Radio Dead Ones and Red Dons – they are Suspect, they come from Suspect Parts. Combining 60's pop and bubblegum with late 70's California beach punk and powerpop, Suspect Parts have something brewing that can't be ignored. The Seeds, The Kinks, The Knack and the Buzzcocks can be heard, as well as a little Nuggets, a little Rezillos, a little Protex or Undertones, but with a modern touch. Backward-looking but forward-thinking 60s pop with a punk edge. Suspect Parts have released four 7" singles worldwide on indie labels and their debut LP was released in 2017 on Atlanta's Oops Baby Records and Germany's Taken By Surprise Records. Now their brand new single is finally here. Recorded live to analog tape in Kaulsdorf, east Berlin, engineered by Smail Shock (of legendary Berlin punk Band The Shocks). "You Know I Can't Say No," is a relentlessly catchy uppercut to the senses. It's a heartbreak anthem of resilience, regret and romance - and a summer hit for years to come. Apocalypse Pop. When oil runs out a major line is going to be drawn. Which side are you on? Which tribe are you willing to die for? ... Pop's chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse .... Drop, waiting for the apocalypse to...pop... Suspect Parts new single will be released in the US on Portland's Dirt Cult Records and in Germany on Wanda Records July 19th 2019. Featuring three different versions: black vinyl with regular covers, bone vinyl with regular covers (limited to 100) black vinyl with screen printed covers (limited to 100) Learn More
  8. WHITE NIGHT- "Prophets Of Templump CDXX" LP- WHITE

    WHITE NIGHT- "Prophets Of Templump CDXX" LP- WHITE

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    First pressing white vinyl very limited! It's one weird ass bullseye! A lil Sparks comparison never hurt anyone neither. Descendents ride the wild and I Don't Wanna Grow up comes to mind too. Fuck,even Steely Dan!! If being aimless leads to this then piss on aim.
    Learn More
  9. WEED HOUNDS- "Beach Bummed" 7"- PURPLE

    WEED HOUNDS- "Beach Bummed" 7"- PURPLE

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    New 7" by Long Island/NYC's Weed Hounds. Two new poppy, fuzzed out songs reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr, early Slumberland Records. Learn More
  10. SHALLOW CUTS- "Empty Beach Town" LP

    SHALLOW CUTS- "Empty Beach Town" LP


    "One part Minneapolis and two parts San Diego, members of DAN PADILLA, TILTWHEEL, MADISON BLOODBATH, DEAR LANDLORD, & GATEWAY DISTRICT got together for beers and accidentally started a band." Amazing & anthemic punk hooks bursting at the seams with energy." LP on No Idea Records! Learn More

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