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  1. WHY THE WIRES- "All These Dead Astronauts" LP

    WHY THE WIRES- "All These Dead Astronauts" LP


    "Already dropping a second LP, Ithaca’s Why the Wires continue on their path of exceptional indie weirdness, meets punk urgency... with saxophone and accordion. I can’t help but compare this band, at times, to the late, great Sweep the Leg Johnny." Learn More
  2. WEEKEND DADS- s/t 7" E.P.

    WEEKEND DADS- s/t 7" E.P.

    Regular Price: $4.00

    Special Price $2.00

    Weekend Dads get their jam on in the land that lies somewhere between the classic four-chord down-stroking pop punk of yesteryear and the shout-it-out-loud super-charged anthems of today's modern pop punkers. Learn More
  3. WAXAHATCHEE- "Cerulean Salt" LP

    WAXAHATCHEE- "Cerulean Salt" LP


    On her second full-length record as Waxahatchee, former P.S. Eliot singer Katie Crutchfield’s compelling
    hyper-personal poetry is continuously crushing. Cerulean Salt follows last January’s American Weekend -
    - a collection of minimal acoustic-guitar pop written and recorded in a week at her family’s Birmingham
    home... Learn More
  4. VRGNS- "Manimals" LP - PURPLE

    VRGNS- "Manimals" LP - PURPLE


    This Orlando, FL based band's second full-length for Kiss of Death features bigger, louder production, more dynamic song writing and a vicious cynical voice. PURPLE WAX! Learn More
  5. TRUE STEREO- s/t 7" E.P.

    TRUE STEREO- s/t 7" E.P.


    Chattanooga, TN. wild-asses playing awesome gut-wrenching region rock style punk rock. Featuring Daniel (ADD/C), Billy Joe (Giant Bags of Weed/Future Virgins), Ryan (Queerwulf/Hidden Spots) & Tony (Queerwulf). Just what you'd expect.. ruling! Comes with download code. Learn More
  6. THOU- "Ceremonies Of Humiliation" Collection 180g 3xLP

    THOU- "Ceremonies Of Humiliation" Collection 180g 3xLP

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price $15.00

    Baton Rogue’s apocalyptically heavy sludge bastions Thou are releasing a humongous triple LP set entitled ‘Ceremonies Of Humiliation’, compiling all of the band’s material from various split releases over the years. North America through Dead Tank Records and Vitriol Records. Europe through Bloated Veins Records, In addition to their highly lauded full-length ‘Heathen’, Thou has this release ‘Ceremonies Of Humiliation’, a collection of all of the band’s musical output from split releases prior to the release of their mammoth 2010 opus ‘Summit’. That means all of Thou’s contribution to their splits with Black September, Leech, Mohoram Atta, Salome and Haarp are all accounted for in this triple vinyl set. ** 3x180g LPs in excellent thick reverse stock tri-fold jacket. Learn More



    Taking nods from bands such as La Quiete , Tristan Tzara and Orchid, The Third Memory create brand of hardcore that is chaotic yet hypnotically beautiful. OUT OF PRINT! Learn More
  8. SUSPICIOUS BEASTS- "Sunshine In The Trash" 7"

    SUSPICIOUS BEASTS- "Sunshine In The Trash" 7"


    Japan's Suspicious Beasts newest 7" single, "Sunshine in the Trash". Ex & current members of Blotto, Your Pest Band & more. JAPAN IMPORT! Learn More
  9. SHIRKS, THE- "Cry Cry Cry" 7" EP

    SHIRKS, THE- "Cry Cry Cry" 7" EP


    This is EP number four from one of Washington DC's finest, THE SHIRKS. CRY CRY CRY features three more infectious, guitar driven punk rock 'n roll A-Sides with 70's punk feel - there's a heavy SAINTS / Aussie KBD sound present in these tunes - run through the 90's garage filter while maintaining a raw and primitive vibe. Learn More
  10. SHELLSHAG- "Rumors In Disguise" LP

    SHELLSHAG- "Rumors In Disguise" LP


    Epic followup to Destroy Me I'm Yours. The band explains: “Most of the songs on the record are about hope and despair, love and survival, death and fear.” From the grin-laced stubborn pride in Shell's vocals on “Resillient Bastard” to Jen Shag's tom-heavy heartbeat rhythms on crunchy duet “Means That Much”, every inch put to tape is as real as it gets. Finding honesty and purity of creative expression in the vastness of what our musical landscape has evolved into is a more difficult task than ever before, and it takes a band like Shellshag and a record like Rumors in Disguise to answer that search. Now, listen. (New version in clear bags w/ no cover, direct from band) Learn More

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