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  1. KREMLIN- "Will You Feed Me?" 7" EP

    KREMLIN- "Will You Feed Me?" 7" EP


    US pressing of the debut 7" EP from Toronto's KREMLIN. This EP delivers five loud and chaotic rippers, combining influences ranging from UK/European hardcore to some good ol' USHC, with a hint of Japanese Noisecore thrown in ... it's fast, raw, and to the goddamn point! Newly remastered for maximum intensity!
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  2. JAPANTHER- "Beets, Lime, & Rice" LP

    JAPANTHER- "Beets, Lime, & Rice" LP


    Japanther returns in 2011 with Beets, Limes and Rice, a celebration of ten years in the underground and an ultra-contemporary meditation on catharsis and being in love in a time of darkness. Following on the heels of Rock ‘n’ Roll Ice Cream (2010), Beets, Limes and Rice was again recorded in the hills of Los Angeles with producer Michael Blum, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna (Like a Prayer, Who’s That Girl), Pink Floyd and Suicidal Tendencies. From Venice Beach to Rockaway Beach, this new album delivers a new urban punk rock dance sound that bursts with California sunshine and amped-up collaborations with Ninjasonik, Erick Lyle, Total Warr and John McIntyr. Beets, Limes and Rice was written in the midst of "It Never Seems to End," an 84-hour performance piece in Vienna, Austria for TBA 21; in Paris, Venice, during cross-country travel from Juarez to Brooklyn to Bellingham, and lots of airports in between. Beets, Limes and Rice will be released on October 18th in digital and vinyl format from Recess Records, on CD from Japanther's own Tapes Records, on cassette from Lauren Records, and by Seayou Records in Europe. The artwork for the album was created by Monica Canilao, whose art focuses on craft, reclaimed materials, and “the meaning of home, the power of collectivity and the imprint history has left on me.” Japanther is an art project, established by Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek, then students at Pratt Institute. Japanther was featured in the 2006 Whitney Biennial and the 2011 Venice Biennale, and has collaborated with a diverse pool of artists such as Gelitin, Penny Rimbaud, Gee Vaucher, Dan Graham, Eileen Myles, Kevin Bouton-Scott, robbinschilds, Dawn Riddle, Claudia Meza, Todd James, Devin Flynn, Ninjasonik, Anita Sparrow and Spankrock. Japanther has made its name with unique performance situations, appearing alongside synchronized swimmers, atop the Williamsburg Bridge, with giant puppets, marionettes and shadow puppets, in the back of a moving truck in Soho, and at shows with giant dinosaurs and BMXers flying off the walls. Learn More
  3. IRON BOOTS- "Complete Discography" LP

    IRON BOOTS- "Complete Discography" LP

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    Special Price $9.00

    The IRON BOOTS Complete Discography LP is a 20 song collection containing every recording the band had released. For the uninitiated, IRON BOOTS hailed from in Virginia Beach, VA. With their hi-impact, fuck-your-attitude delivery and NYHC influenced songwriting (open your eyes, they sounded exactly like WARZONE, and wore that label proudly), the Boots were one of few contemporary hardcore bands that were able to take influence from classic hardcore punk and successfully make it their own. Learn More
  4. FISH, THE- S/T LP


    Regular Price: $10.00

    Special Price $5.00

    The debut 12" LP by THE FISH, a band featuring members of Wildebeest, Nude Beach, and a handful of others. http://the-fish.bandcamp.com
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  5. DON'T- "You Keep Cutting Through" 7"- PINK

    DON'T- "You Keep Cutting Through" 7"- PINK

    Regular Price: $5.50

    Special Price $3.00

    New single from Portland's own, DON'T. Amazing pre-cursor to Dead Broke's very own "89 / Dead End Drive" single. Released on Doomtown Sounds. Sam Henry from WIPERS & Napalm Beach. Impressive, poppy, catchy & dark garage rock & roll. PINK VINYL! Learn More
  6. DON'T- "Away Away" LP

    DON'T- "Away Away" LP


    Featuring a line-up of seasoned musical veterans, the band boasts a resume that includes an impressive list of premier Northwest bands. The combined talents of singer Jenny Don't, bassist Dave Minick (Napalm Beach), guitarist Dan Lowinger and drummer Sam Henry (THE WIPERS, NAPALM BEACH, THE RATS) form a genre-blurring blend that spans the musical spectrum from melodic punk rock with surf overtones to an atmospheric wall of emotive and evocative sounds Learn More
  7. SHALLOW CUTS- "Empty Beach Town" TAPE

    SHALLOW CUTS- "Empty Beach Town" TAPE

    Regular Price: $5.00

    Special Price $2.00

    "One part Minneapolis and two parts San Diego, members of DAN PADILLA, TILTWHEEL, MADISON BLOODBATH, DEAR LANDLORD, & GATEWAY DISTRICT got together for beers and accidentally started a band." Amazing & anthemic punk hooks bursting at the seams with energy. 100 copies pressed on a high-quality Blue Cassette Tape. (LP Out Now on No Idea Records!) Learn More
  8. DON'T- "89 / Dead End Drive" 7"

    DON'T- "89 / Dead End Drive" 7"

    Regular Price: $4.00

    Special Price $2.00

    Portland, Oregon usually brings the holy grail of garage rock & punk rock bands, so it's no surprise that DON'T are here to kick your ass in with this 3 song 7" 45 rpm. PDX rock & roll with a very classic old-school art punk vibe going on. Also featuring Sam Henry (Wipers & Napalm Beach) on drums. Is that enough yet? (Comes w/ download) 300 on Black vinyl. (*Records come with glow-in-dark 45 adapter while they last!) Learn More
  9. BEAUDET, RON- "Awkward Age" TAPE

    BEAUDET, RON- "Awkward Age" TAPE


    Songs about longing, being carefree and young and of course, the summer- this a picture perfect indie pop album Learn More
  10. CASSILIS- "Quitting" LP

    CASSILIS- "Quitting" LP


    The 11 songs on 'Quitting' are without a doubt the band's most mature to date and show the band expanding and focusing on creating cohesive song structures in an a valiant attempt to anchor down the chaos that emanates from anything the band touches. This album is not pretty, it's dirty, caustic and viral. I mean, c'mon - the artwork and song titles say it all. Fans of Brighter Arrows, Canyons, Callow and Bleeding Kansas take note, as this is easily one of the strongest releases of 2014. Learn More

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