ROUGH KIDS- "Into The '00s b/w So Sophisticated" 7"

RAZORCAKE- #59: Rumspringer, Sick Sick Birds, New Bomb Turks ZINE

RAZORCAKE- #59: Rumspringer, Sick Sick Birds, New Bomb Turks ZINE

RAZORCAKE- #58: Mark Sultan, John Lydon, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa ZINE

Featuring: Mark Sultan, John Lydon, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa & more!
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Mark Sultan: Interview by Ryan Leach. This guy has done a lot over the years. Maybe you would too if you skipped the practice in favor of just playing in some of the most talked about garage rock bands ever. (

John Lydon: Interview by Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Nardwuar covers all the basics with the former Sex Pistols/current PiL front man; smoothies, travel pants and La-Z-Boy chairs. (

Hamburger Help Me: Interview by Aphid Peewit. Lower than lo-fi, these Minneapolis cats sound like The Mummies only louder, and aren’t afraid to talk scat. No smart ass comment can explain how great this band is. (

Kreamy ‘Lectric Santa: Interview by Aesop Dekker. Taking elements ranging from bluegrass to death metal, they’ve got a lot going on. What band wouldn’t, after nearly twenty years, and almost sixty members? (

Nervous Gender: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Part I. Another classic LA punk band. Just in time for them to reunite. The only thing you need to know is “Future.” (

Sean Carswell gives Banner Pilot their best and longest review ever.

Jim Ruland knows a thing or two about partying.

Amy Adoyzie wrote the book on sex ed.

Mitch Clem is into Spider Man more than you are.

Ben Snakepit is full on MAME-core.

Rev. Nørb is an experienced test taker.

Art Fuentes joined what will likely be the most rocking band of all time.

The Rhythm Chicken is movin’ on up.

Designated Dale reflects back on the golden days.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa shares more fantastically pissed off bar stories.

Adrian Chi can’t take the humanity (or lack of).

Gary Hornberger is starting his own neighborhood watch program.

Dave Disorder remembers Richard “Stiff” Konwinski.

And a stuffed burrito’s worth of reviews.

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Stiff and Derf Scratch.