JUDGE- "Bringin' It Down" LP (Yellow)


PRAISE- "All In A Dream" LP (Green)

ELLIOTT- "False Cathedrals" LP (Coke Bottle Clear)

Elliott's debut full-length, "U.S. Songs," was released in June of 1998 to critical acclaim while winning the hearts of the independent music world. After a year and a half of touring and songwriting, the band found themselves in Los Angeles recording "False Cathedrals" with accomplished producer/engineer Toby Miller (Wallflowers, Korn, Fiona Apple). Far surpassing and all but abandoning their post-hardcore roots, Elliott created a sophisticated and elegant rock album of epic proportions. New pressing now available on Coke bottle clear vinyl! Revelation Records.
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ELLIOTT- "False Cathedrals" LP (Coke Bottle Clear)