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Brand new Full-Length LP of melodic and furious hardcore/punk, from these Long Island natives. Comes w/download! (distributed by dead broke) *Only 3 left!


Brand new Full-Length LP of melodic and furious hardcore/punk, from these Long Island natives. 9 songs of urgent, energetic punk rock with laces of hardcore that reminds one of Black Flag & early 80's hardcore while tip-toeing the line between Kill Your Idols style punk rock and rock & roll.

(Co-release w/ Just a Audial Records)

Comes with Download code!

this is what frontman Matthew Brennan has to say..."Everything Sucks just put out a record called "The Taxes in Texas." They recorded it in their basement. Don Fury mastered it in either a much nicer basement, a living room with a dartboard in it, or a converted pool house, or wherever the hell Don Fury masters things these days. They had a hell of a time getting it out, but it's fina...lly here. They've been a band for a couple of years and although they took their name from a wonderful record by the Descendents, they really don't sound much like them. Also, despite their roots in and affinity for a certain type of hardcore music from Long Island, they don't really consider themselves part of any one scene. They feel they get enough labels and stamps put on them at their day jobs and in their day lives so they don't want to add another one.

This outsider sort of approach and mentality has drawn comparisons to numerous revolution summer bands, some other bands who played at abc no rio in the early 90's, and some other bands who like using the word "post" before writing a type of music. They like a lot of bands, but at the end of the day they're on their own, sucking the cock of defeat.

The record itself is a joint release between Just A Audial and Dead Broke Records. It has been pressed on 100 copies of clear orange vinyl, and 150 copies of black vinyl. It features nine songs with subject matter ranging from being a middle class white suburban weirdo to quitting your upper retail management position to bum around all summer selling old records to realizing you're on the dark side of twenty five without a thing to show for it. Oh wait. That's all the same subject. The secret fifth member of Everything Sucks posed for the insert photo of this record."

*Only 3 left!


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