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FAKE BOYS- "This Is Where Our Songs Live" LP (Green)

FIGGS, THE- "Follow Jean Through the Sea" LP

Now nearing their 20th anniversary as a band, The Figgs deliver their 10th full length, Follow Jean Through The Sea. As we've come to expect, it's a rejuvenating shot of rock-- raw yet confident, new wave and punk, aggressive with tender moments, and groovy while remaining granola-free. Over the years they've consistently delivered the goods, evolving from a scrappy punk band into a unit that manages to channel the post-pub rock sound of the early Stiff Records roster with their own knack for big guitar riffs and choruses. Follow Jean Through the Sea is a 10-song hard pop masterpiece by a band that's energized, riding the high tide and ready to kick it out in top form... THE FIGGS! Gern Blandsten Records. Sealed copies!
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FIGGS, THE- "Follow Jean Through the Sea" LP