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RAZORCAKE- #59: Rumspringer, Sick Sick Birds, New Bomb Turks ZINE

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RAZORCAKE- #59: Rumspringer, Sick Sick Birds, New Bomb Turks ZINE

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Featuring: Rumspringer, Sick Sick Birds, New Bomb Turks & more!


Rumspringer: Interview by Chris Mason. Smart, gruff, The Today Show-influenced pop punk. Straight out of Arizona, because they have no desire to move anywhere else. (www.myspace.com/rumspringerband)

Eric Davidson: Interview by Mike Frame. The front man for The New Bomb Turks, a garage punk band so well respected that someone said “Why not write a book about the entire history of a musical genre.” (http://www.halleonardbooks.com/product/viewproduct.do?itemid=331985&subsiteid=168)

Mary Woronov: Interview by Billups Allen. The accomplished actor goes into some details about her connections with the ‘80s L.A. hardcore scene, and more. (http://www.maryworonov.com/)

Sick Sick Birds: Interview by Joe Evans III. A Baltimore collective that asks the question “Is it ‘post punk’ if you’re still going at it this strong?” (And actually, Joe asks most of the questions.) (http://www.myspace.com/sicksickbirds)

Nervous Gender: Interview by Jimmy Alvarado. Part II. Another classic L.A. punk band. The exciting conclusion. All you need to know is “Future.” (http://www.myspace.com/nervousxgender)

Sean Carswell stores his punk records and poetry books on the same shelf.

Jim Ruland is our generation’s Yogi Berra.

Amy Adoyzie writes 1,000 letters.

Mitch Clem is pushy with his musical tastes.

Ben Snakepit knows how to skip out on his tab.

Rev. Nørb is probably the biggest Monkees fan of anyone we know.

Art Fuentes is not the droid you’re looking for.

The Rhythm Chicken goes back out on tour.

Designated Dale loves the ’80.

Kiyoshi Nakazawa gets left alone at the bar for once.

Adrian Chi looks back on Awesome Fest.

Gary Hornberger can’t stand fan boys, but loves comics.

Nardwuar gets biblical with Florence And The Machine.

And more reviews than a Thanksgiving dinner for ten, if that was a thing that made sense.

This issue is dedicated to the memories of Ari Up (The Slits), Mark Sheehan (Out Cold), and in honor of Jennifer Whiteford and David Collister’s marriage.

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