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  1. BAD BLOOD REVIVAL- "Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots" LP

    BAD BLOOD REVIVAL- "Tongue Twisting Tunes For Tiny Tots" LP


    Noisey, distorted, sludgey grunge/punk from Brooklyn, NY. Ex- Hoover Flags. (Keith played in SWEARIN & WAXAHATCHEE). Achin' to the Jesus Lizard, Melvins, Killdozer, Butthole Surfers. These copies have Limited edition hand-written white jackets. 1st press: 447 on Black, 110 on Translucent Green vinyl. Learn More



    In my mind, Seattle’s Bad Future is the epitome of do it yourself ethics in modern American punk, having spent the past three years touring across the US and Europe in addition to self-releasing a debut LP ‘The Golden Age’ as well as a cassette EP entitled ‘Night Church.’ Now the band is back with their best batch of songs yet. Bad Future defy description, playing a blend of heavy, grungy, and somewhat mathy (without the pretention) hardcore punk.

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  3. BAD SPORTS- "Bras" LP

    BAD SPORTS- "Bras" LP


    Denton/Austin's Bad Sports are back with their third album - and second on Dirtnap. Produced by the Marked Men's Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke, Bras is a major departure from the '77 pop/punk feel of 2011's terrific Kings of the Weekend. This time the band brings a tougher, harder-edged sound and takes on a wider variety of musical styles. Learn More
  4. BAD SPORTS- "Living With Secrets" 12"

    BAD SPORTS- "Living With Secrets" 12"


    Bad Sports return with a jaw-dropping new 12”! While the band hasn’t released anything in a couple of years, the individual members have been anything but idle during that time. Orville Neely continues his slow takeover of the world with rock juggernauts OBN III’s (who have released 2 albums in the past 2 years) while Daniel Fried and Gregory Rutherford’s band Video got signed to Jack White’s label Third Man Records, and has been touring ever since. The pair have also been touring a ton as 1/2 of Radioactivity.. Learn More
  5. BALLADMEN- "Dear Old-Fashioned Rhythm" LP

    BALLADMEN- "Dear Old-Fashioned Rhythm" LP


    Formation about seven years. The music and sound images that keep burning the ups and downs in the allure to the back alley in a radically musical character, poker face and calm overflowing with the "fullness" of BLUES PUNK + DANGEROUS MELLOW RHYTHM have been sharpened With words, it is boldly raised as a sail in the heart in the "conclusion" which interprets from the prewar to the present. “JAPANESE SWINGIN 'NIHILISTIC R & B PUNK GROUP“ BALLADMEN ”” The magnificent 1st full album “Dear Old-Fashioned Rhythm” (LP) ver. Completed at the end of dark adventure is released from DEBAUCH MOOD. This work contains a total of 10 songs. There are many backgrounds in the past, but the existence of bands where dark ensembles continue in a chain in a creative and advanced manner while over-writing everything, is strongly stained. An expression of Boogie's relief and a dense swell that momentarily hurts them, while expressing a passionate sense of separation for the reliable performance of each part. To build them, OLD was shown as OLD, but the style was sharpened at a single point, and the record was densely ingenious drift gt / vo, and overflowing multidimensional, pleasure that can not be compared with genius only It is a reality ensemble by the new ba trio that became the core of a complete band rather than an exaggeration by the best dr, and the present, and the guest player (ex- brigade nice mutsumi (percussion) ), Boro Kichi's Mr. Sunny Boya (Harmonica)) The fine arrangements will be engraved as more pressing with the cooperation of both. The story of the prophesied Howlin 'Wolf, everything that Willie Dixon draws, the Professor Longhair, and everything into the habit of the rule of thumb as well, including the aspect of Paul Weller who has become black with some minimalistic chaos, is also always told (John Coltrane / Charles Mingus / Wes Montgomery etc ..) Including the process of rebuilding Jazzy Rhythm, Jawbreaker as a scar, Fugazi's reminiscent as a charm in various directions, "Blank feeling" is a bone as music It echoes to the medulla. Aside. The first track "Back In My Town" where the throat carrying a scene opens the middle of swing and bop in Smoky and howling. The appeal of the band is full of immediate effects and overflows, and even then the abundant texture is overwhelmingly shown as the amount of information. While the width and habit of PUB ROCK which was hooked up like wind, and the image which human at that time expanded to the busy dream and the outside culture that would have danced over the last few years from the end of Japan, The gorgeous 100% BLUES PUNK MUSIC will be continuous as it mixes the solidity that instantly breaks them. BALLADMEN activity is reminiscent of the early days of the song from the music to imagine the background as an extension, to the present "clear" to fill the sense of fulfillment passing each time you turn the board, the standard number Aside is scolded while taking on the symbolism with the cover of SUMMER TIME. And the Bside first shot, the impulse of the title song "Dear Old-Fashioned Rhythm" and the intensity of all the matches mentioned above still determine the impact of this band, and the ballad of the extreme, Ronnie Self "Home In" It flows to the overtight, biting cover of My Hand. And last is the change sphere, until the alternative interpretation of the scene Old Blues Country music, it continues to spread throughout the recording time as if the charm is shook off. Two-thirds of the members have their roots in Ise City, Mie, as their hometown (currently based in Tokyo), and had already started from the boyhood period. The "talent" created by the group shows its brilliance under the recognition of fulfilling itself and others by the current joining with new members. A great album in which all of their lives were fully demonstrated. The fictional missing links of the pre-war PUNK and POST HARDCORE will be smashed in 2017 as if they were "here" and will become more realistic in the future and memories will continue to be overwritten with shocking LIVE. I will. ※ Jacket design: Tsutomu Date illustrator living in Kyoto. Worked in several styles, such as print-style works like this work and pop illustrations. This time, it was created in the form of telling the contents of the lyrics of Dear Old-Fashioned Rhythm that the band became the title song to Mr. Date. He is fond of big movies, and is also in charge of the flyers of the DJ event "a party to put a bad song" in Kyoto. JAPAN IMPORT! Learn More
  6. BANDNAME- "Breakfast" LP

    BANDNAME- "Breakfast" LP

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    Breakfast is served! Bandname's first full-length, "Rock n Roll that is worth a damn!" 12 new songs that are full of fuzz and pop. This will make you stand up and dance! The record comes with a digital download and other goodies! Don't miss breakfast, it's the most important record of the day!
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  7. BAR FEEDERS- "Pour For Four, Por Favor" LP

    BAR FEEDERS- "Pour For Four, Por Favor" LP


    Their bilingual first record. Just kidding! A straight-edge classic. Just kidding! Cover by a world-famous artist. Just kidding! The loveable, drunk mugwumps are at it again. Originally released when third-rate ska was tidal waving our shores and they’re 100% immune to its influences. That’s called sticking to your guns and not being a panty waste.
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  8. BASEMENT BENDERS- "Lydiad" LP+7"

    BASEMENT BENDERS- "Lydiad" LP+7"


    "Hailing from Chattanooga via Asheville and featuring members from Future Virgins, Hidden Spots, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Tulsa, Sexy, (and many more), BASEMENT BENDERS do the impossible and have created something that is equal to all their other incredible bands. After releasing their debut 7" on Drunken Sailor/ Dead Broke and completing a short European tour at the tail end of 2014, the band have spent 2015 nailing down their debut LP. Call it region rock, power pop, whatever, the stand out fact is BASEMENT BENDERS have songs of love and hope that have a soul. Sometimes when a band is formed out of a slew of amazing bands, it just doesn't work, thankfully there are no worries here, they nail it." ON COLOR VINYL! BASEMENT BENDERS: Ashley Krey – guitar, vocals (Future Virgins, Sexy) Terry Johnson – bass, vocals (This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb) Buddha – guitar (Jack Palance Band, Hidden Spots, CBDS) Morgan Stickrod – drums, backing vocals (Tulsa, Black Rainbow, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa) Learn More
  9. BASEMENT BENDERS- "Shrapnel Songs" LP

    BASEMENT BENDERS- "Shrapnel Songs" LP


    Sophomore album from Chattanooga, TN punk region rock band featuring members of Future Virgins, This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, Hidden Spots, Jack Palance Band, Black Rainbow & more. Follow up to their "Lydiad" LP in 2015 on No Idea, and the bands' best stuff to date. Scrappy yet melodically beautiful pop-punk, churning with honest anthems from DIY veteran punkers. Recorded by Jerri Queen & John Hoffman of VACATION. (LP Comes w/ Download) 300 Black vinyl, 100 Banana Yellow vinyl. Learn More
  10. BAUWAVES- "U R Everything" LP

    BAUWAVES- "U R Everything" LP


    The debut LP from this Austin, TX three-piece punk band. Haunting & melodic lo-fi indie fuzz pop from ex-members of Wild America. Salinas Records. Learn More

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31-40 of 729