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WHAT IF...- s/t 7" EP

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WHAT IF...- s/t 7" EP

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Region rock style!


Review: "When I picked up this 7” I was put off by the cover, the skulls and hearts motif is totally played out, though this art has a whimsy you don’t see often, and well done color. Still, I was willing to give it a chance, and it was worth it. Fun songs about getting fucked up, and maybe fucked, a few poignant observations on living poor and happy, rather than relentlessly chasing a buck. The playing gets tighter as the 7” rolls on (they crammed six songs on it); I bet they tear it up live. They included the lyrics, which are always a bonus for anyone who’s shot their hearing at shows over the years, and the back cover is my favorite illustration on any record I’ve seen: A red “What If...” be-licensed-plated dune buggy heading off into the horizon, the sunset being a warm, glowing foamy mug of beer. Check it out." –Samantha Beerhouse (Razorcake)

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